StoneTether – Tiny, Smart, Long-range Tracking Device

[— #awesomegeekness Winner December 12, 2014 —]
Though StoneTether is not the first device meant to locate lost items, its creators at Del Marth, LLC boast a 500 foot range with this bluetooth tracker that is about the size of a quarter. We didn’t find it until its last day on Kickstarter, but we immediately backed it when we did.

The apps look to be intuitive and feature-rich, with the ability to tether items and receive alerts when they are outside the tethered distance. In addition, scheduling features allow for excellent customization of proximity awareness events. The replaceable battery is one of our favorite features–rarely found in other proximity tracking devices.




StoneTether Battery

You may not catch the Kickstarter project, but we expect the StoneTether to be available for preorder at


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