1 Million Cups Provo Group on Name Shark

We posted a quick video on how to grab the 1 Million Cups Provo Group on Name Shark on our Name Shark YouTube Channel:

We created this group to memorize the organizers, presenters, and frequent attendees at 1 Million Cups Provo. We have attended every week since we discovered this great weekly entrepreneurial event, but admittedly, that’s only for a couple months. If your picture isn’t in the group, but you are someone involved in the Silicon Slopes startup scene (startup founder, VC, seed fund manager, organizer, groupie, etc.) just send us a message on Twitter (@namesharkapp or @awesomegeekness) or an email to info@awesomegeekness.com, and we’d be happy to add you.
Typical entrepreneurs have professional and social networks that are expanding at an extremely rapid rate. We are meeting VCs, seed fund managers, fellow entrepreneurs, service providers, bankers, lawyers, consultants, etc. at blistering pace. Trying to keep up with all of the people that you’re supposed to remember is nearly impossible, and yet very important. If you do find yourself in that situation, be honest. Tell them that you are meeting so many new people as a startup founder that you have simply forgotten. They will likely understand. They’ve probably been there before. Then, to prevent it from happening again, go download Name Shark. :)

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