NameShark – Import Device Contacts to Existing Groups

We got this question yesterday via Twitter about Name Shark. In case anyone else is wondering the same thing, we thought we’d make the answer available here. Thanks to @dbr4224 for the question:

Currently, importing your device contacts into an existing group is a two step process. First you need to import your contacts into a new group:

Import1_600 Import3_600 Import2_600 Import4_600 Import5_600

Then you can copy or move contacts from that group into your existing group:

Import6_600 Import7_600 Import8_600 Import9_600

That’s it!!! You did it!

We realize this can be simplified, and we have added the feature to our list of requests. If there are other features that you think would make Name Shark more useful for you, please feel free to email