World’s First REAL Hoverboard

[— #awesomegeekness Winner November 12, 2014 —]

Skateboarders, wakeboarders, flow riders, and snowboarders, heads-up! Hendo Hover has created the world’s first functional hoverboard, and it doesn’t just look like a proof of concept. In the kickstarter video (above), you can see it being ridden on a hover half pipe. With 32 days to go on their kickstarter project, there’s still time to get your own Hendo Hoverboard for $10K (hover-pipe sold separately.)

At Awesome Geekness, we are wanna-be flow riders, and we are dying to ride on one of these…Company party on the Hendo hover-pipe???

Twitter: @HendoHover

Additional Photos

The Hendo Hover Park

Who doesn’t want to ride this?

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The Hendo Hover Board